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Sudoku is a very interesting as well as an intellectual puzzle which develops your logical power. Once you get into the groove, you will never feel like giving it up.If you just go to the Play Store and search for Sudoku you’ll immediately notice that there are hundreds of Sudoku games on the market, and many of them look nearly identical. We found for you the best puzzle game for android — Zen Sudoku Game 9x9 Puzzles.

What is Zen Sudoku Game 9x9 Puzzles?

If you are a person who likes puzzles and addictive games, then this is the perfect Sudoku puzzle game for you. Developed for Android, Zen Sudoku offers the users unlimited fun and puzzles that will make you want more every day. Push your brain to think more logical, develop your thinking skills, challenge yourself to the limits, all that while playing and having fun. This puzzle game has a simple design but you will become addicted to it in no time. It’s not only a game, it’s also a good habit for your daily life, boosting your logical skills, making you fall in love with sudoku.

Why Do We Like It?

The users are offered unlimited puzzles so the fun never ends. It has 3 difficulty settings (easy, medium and hard) so the users can choose how hard they want to push their thinking. You will never be irritated while playing, because this game offers you help to progress when you get stuck. Don’t worry if you enter numbers wrong, to help you the game highlights the wrong numbers so you have chance to correct yourself. The users get a scoring system for their performance. Also with the leaderboards and achievements you can play with people worldwide.

Don’t think about it. Become master in sudoku while having fun all day long. Download this puzzle game from Google Play Store now!

Google Play Download Link: Zen Sudoku Game 9x9 Puzzles

Website: Zen Sudoku Game 9x9 Puzzles

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