XO Master is a Challenging Single & Online Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe Variation for iOS & Android

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Tic Tac Toe games are a great way to pass your free time. They are challenging brain training that can be enjoyed with your friends and family. That’s why today we will cover one of the best new variations of this game — XO Master.

XO Master — Profile & Intro

XO Master is a single & multiplayer tic tac toe variation that can be played offline and online. With intuitive UI, exquisite graphics, stable connection and in-app chat, it’s a real treat for tic tac toe fans.

Single & Multiplayer Experience

The main twist in this tic tac toe variation is that you need to draw 5 X or O in a row. This makes it amazingly challenging and equally fun. You’ll need a much better strategy and logic to win.

When you start the offline xo game you can choose between multiple game modes. If you are alone or want to enjoy a game offline, play the single-player mode. In this mode you can test your skills against the AI (it can get very challenging, trust us).

If you want to really test your knowledge and skills in this board game, try the multiplayer feature where you compete with other players. You can invite your friends and family for a game too. The fun thing is that you can comment, tease with the in-built chat.

No matter the game mode you choose, XO Master will offer you pure board gaming fun. It’s available for both iOS & Android devices.

Google Play Download Link: XO Master

App Store Download Link: XO Master

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