WiFi Maestro Measures Internet Speed & Lets You Control Your WIFI

This wifi analyzer & speed test tool is essential if you depend on high speed and stable internet connection.

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A Wi-Fi analyzer app is simply necessary for a large number of users, from beginners in the world of the Internet. If you want to check the speed and quality of your Internet connection and manage your WiFi router with ease, this is the type of app you need. We looked and found one great WiFi analyzer app that can help you do all of this. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This is a WiFi analyzer app that offers its users an easy and quick way for them to manage their WiFi router as they like. The app is quite simple and it’s developed on the Android platform, offering the tools you need to check the speed and quality of your Internet connection, offering unbiased and accurate speed test. Control and manage your router and find the best channel for it.

Speed Test, Control, and More

WiFi Maestro is offering the tools and features you need in one place to manage your WiFi router with ease. With real tests compare and test the speed of the Internet between two different WiFi channels to easily find the one that is best for your router. Learn with just a tap who is connected to your WiFi router in real-time and block all unauthorized devices from connecting to your WiFi.

The speed test is accurate and can be downloaded with a click. On the app you will find a Jitter and Latency test. View the default router password and access all the settings of the router to manage your WiFi easily. The WiFi channel, the password name and much more can be changed as you like using WiFi Maestro.

Download it on Google Play to manage and control your WiFi router as you like!

Google Play Download Link: WiFi Maestro

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