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It can be quite time-consuming and frustrating to have to choose wheel sets for your car, especially if you don’t have the right tool to make it easier for you to find out which rim and tire size match your car the best. Luckily for all car owners, there are many car wheel calculator apps that can help you out. Because of that, to save you some time, we looked and we have to offer an efficient car wheel calculator that all car drivers and owners should try it out.

What is wheelCal all about?

wheelCal is developed for Android users, designed to help car owners and drivers that need to discover if their desired rim and tire size match their cars. Easy to use and quite efficient, this car wheel calculator gives users the chance to compare their wheel sets and get instant visual feedback to ensure the perfect fitment on their cars. No ads and in-app purchases are needed and you don’t have to create accounts, be connected online or manage wheel sets to calculate and compare with the app.

Standout Features

With wheelCal and the various options, it features, the user will be able to effortlessly and easily calculate and compare the wheel sets and make sure that that wheel sets perfectly fit his car. Two sets of wheels can be compared with all the tire and rim specs needed and the app will store and load the wheel configurations to build the user’s personal database, suggesting the closest matching tire based on the rim size the user has selected.

Spacers are taken into account with the app and metric and imperial units and supported on the app. Users are also able to search for matching wheels, tires, rims and spacers online. The speed error is calculated and users get the chance to set upper and lower limits. The change in clearance is outputted by the app compared by the user’s reference wheel. The user gets an e-mail with his configuration to himself, a friend of his or a dealer.

Download it for free on Google Play to compare wheel sets and ensure the perfect fitment to your vehicle!

Google Play Download Link: wheelCal

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