Weather Radar is One of the Best Android Weather Apps with Accurate Weather Forecast and Live Radar Map

Accurate, neat and easy to use weather app for android.

Having a good, accurate and functional radar weather app is a must in the modern living. But, there are currently thousands of apps available on the Google Play. That’s why we save you time by finding the best ones that can offer you accurate weather forecast. Today we have one of the very best — Weather Radar. Let’s see how you can make use of it.

General Intro

Weather Radar is an Android weather app featuring a radar map and accurate weather info and forecasts. With real-time animated weather radar and great customization features, Weather Radar can really help you in planning your days and using the weather for your own benefit.

Neat Radar, Accurate Forecasts, Great Insight

When you first open the app, you can set your basic preferences and then the app will show you a live radar for your location. You can zoom in the real time radar map and browse around the area to see possible clouds and possible upcoming weather conditions such as wind, rain, or even worse conditions such as hurricanes.

Besides the great radar feature, you can see the current weather info with great details (hourly temperature forecast, wind info, pressure, precipitation possibility and more). Additionally, you may get daily weather news or see forecast for the week, and month.

Overall, Weather Radar impressed us with the sleek design, simplicity, intuitive UI, insightful information and accurate weather forecasts. The app is free and it can truly become your go-to weather app.




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Tech News & Recommendations

Tech News & Recommendations

Articles, recommendations and news from the tech and software industry.

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