Virtually Strike Politicians You Dislike — Pummel A Politician

This arcade game is very simple to play, highly entertaining and very hilarious offering you the chance to virtually pummel politicians you dislike. Developed on both the Android and IOS platform, this arcade offers the chance to choose any political party and any politician you want to virtually inflict pain to. The app’s free version comes with 5 democrat and 5 republican characters to choose from.

Game’s Features

Select a political party to start the game and then a character from the opposite party will be auto-populated in the game. Touch to select 5 characters you want to pummel and when all of them have a red circle around them, the game is populated and the heads are dropping down while the game clock starts. Score 5 points for each tap or lose 5 points for hitting pre-populated character. When the head is exposed you can tap characters multiple times to score more quickly.

News reports are briefly appearing in the background if you tap them in time you get 25 bonus points. Each character is loaded with sound effects for more humor. Choose between 2 upgrades to implement, the additional characters and the tournament mode that will be available soon for competing and winning monthly prizes. The rounds last one minute each and the frequencies as well as the pattern of characters that appear is changing.

Download it on Google Play and App Store to inflict virtual pain to politicians you don’t like!

App Store Download Link: Pummel A Politician

Google Play Download Link: Pummel A Politician



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