Unblur is a New Photo Guessing Game for iOS & Android

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Sometimes you want to test your mental prowess — or lack thereof — and trivia games are an excellent way to flex your brain. Whether you prefer general knowledge trivia or specific topics there are a top of games for your iPhone and iPad that are worth a download. Our selection from the whole “ocean” of trivia & guessing games available at this moment for free downloading is called Unblur.

What is Unblur?

Unblur is a new picture quiz — photo guessing game which could easily glue to your smartphone for hours.

First of all, we must emphasize that it’s a brain exercise game in which you have to guess the object on a photo by hitting the button which un-blur the image. When you hit it 10 times the whole image will be completed, try to guess the content on the photo as soon as possible before that.

Complete Multiple Levels

Try to beat this game by completing multiple levels and create incredible scores and records that you can recreate over and over. The game gives tips, 2 different power-ups and help assistant option for the most ambition players.

Namely using the first power up will allows you to insert a random letter into the correct position and the second power-up in the picture guess game allows you to remove a random unnecessary letter. Competing with your friends in Unblur.app game can also double the fun, have on mind that!

The game is really fun, and you can try it visiting the Play Store or App Store link where you can download unblur.app on your mobile for free and enjoy it for hours!

Google Play Download Link: unblur.app — Picture Quiz

App Store Download Link: unblur.app — Picture Quiz

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