Turn Your Photos Into Paintings with Paintation for iOS & Android

This easy-to-use & ultra-fast photo editor adds artistic, painting-like effect from famous paintings and styles to your real photos.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn your photos into beautiful works of art? We’ve all seen cool photo filters that can apply effects to your photos, but none take it quite as far as these three AI-powered photo editors, which offer hundreds of different artistic filters. We found for you one AI photo editor for this purpose. Read more about it.

General Intro

Developed for Android and IOS users, this photo editing app will allow you transform your photos into paintings as well as to save and share your artwork with others. It supports a neutral style transfer knows as deep art effects. This easy to use but powerful app relies on TensorFlow Lite technology and because of that it can run in offline mode.

App’s Features

The AI photo editor consists of 4 different stages for you to adjust the outcome by going back and forth. The first, prepare stage offers basic and advance photo editing tools for you to adjust the input for the next stage. In first stage you will be able to correct, rotate, crop, vanish, clone, use selection, brightness, contrast, and smoothness as well as noise, saturation, hue and vignette. The second, stylize stage has 350 style images based on famous paintings that can be applied to your photos.

The styles are divided in 14 groups such as election, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassicism, academicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, post-impressionism, art nouveau, expressionism, cubism, and abstract art. The filter stage has many color filters to choose from for improving the final photo result. In the adjust stage you can fine-tune the image. The strength of applied transformations in each of the stages can be adjusted for better control of the desired photo outcome. The app offers 3 export options such as full picture, a collage of original and transformed photos and a collage of original, style, and output pictures.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store to turn your photos into paintings!

Official Website: Paintation

App Store Download Link: Paintation

Google Play Download Link: Paintation

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