Tradewatch for Android & iOS Gives You News, Insights, and Tools for the Indian Stock Market

What is Tradewatch?

A reliable financial tool for India, for users to make better investments. It’s one of the best finance apps with all the tools, information, news, and forums you need in one place to keep on top of the business and financial markets.

Standout Features:

  • Get real-time updates on stocks, crypto, commodity, and Forex
  • Discover what’s trending in the markets
  • Browse and get the latest market data
  • The latest market news in one place
  • Search for topics to discover news
  • Make comparisons on the market and get details
  • Video content to inform yourself
  • Forums to discuss with users in the community
  • Create surveys and ask questions
  • Watchlist with alerts to keep you on track
  • Customize your profile
  • Request features
  • Free for download


Uniqueness: High

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Compatibility: IOS or later

Requires: Android and up

Developer: Tradewatch

Google Play Download Link: Tradewatch

App Store Download Link: Tradewatch



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