TOTLE is a Media & Ethereum Based Token Wallet for Smarter Living

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The good new digital wallets and tokens are rare. That’s why today we will speak about a new Ethereum based wallet and token, which also happens to offer a great media aggregator. We are talking about TOTLE.


This media aggregator mixes the very best and most popular youtube videos, trendy news, fun popular stories and everything from the pop culture in 1 place. This means that you can easily scroll and get top content without searching the internet. If you need a specific info about something you read or viewed, you can use the in-built Google Search bar.

TOTLE Tokens

While the media aggregator and player is a neat touch, the most unique thing about TOTLE is its TOTLE Tokens (TOT). These Ethereum based tokens and currently on Crowdsale until October 7 and you have the exclusive opportunity to purchase 1 or more to become part of the early adaptor user base and get exclusive opportunities in future.

After you purchase tokens, they are then connected with your TOTLE wallet (which btw you can view your transactions on Etherscan). The tokens of this wallet can also be accessed with other wallets after the conclusion of the pre-sale.

So whether you want to become part of something big like the TOTLE tokens and the TOTLE Merchantnetwork, or you want to enjoy fun media videos and news, TOTLE is a great option for you.

App Store Download Link: TOTLE

Google Play Download Link: TOTLE

Website: TOTLE

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