This iOS App Allows You To Buy Your Own VPN Servers and Share Them with Friends and Family

The newly launched YourVPN allows you to buy personal VPN servers, that are faster than conventional ones, and share them with utmost ease.

What is YourVPN?

More than just the regular VPN service app. It’s one of the most reliable and accessible iPhone VPN apps that allows you to own your VPN server and protect your privacy by owning your own data and paying only for what you use.


● Own your VPN server

● Everything is under your control

● Pay only what you use

● Create a new server in two minutes and delete it in two seconds

● Add VPN users to a server

● Share the VPN server with others to connect

● 11 data center regions for global reach


Uniqueness: High

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Compatibility: IOS or later

Developer: YourVPN

App Store Download Link: YourVPN



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