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You are taking photos with your iPhone daily. So, the probability of creating a mess in your gallery is high. If you want declutter and organize your photos much better, read on. Today we cover one of the best camera organizers which use voice commands to tag and organize your photos.

Tag-a-moment the Gallery Organizer & Assistant

Tag-a-Moment is an intuitive camera gallery organizer that will help you in creating order in your photo collection and save you time and nerves when you need a specific photo. With this app you can document construction progress or a project, save quotes or funny memes and pictures for later, or record a lecture in pictures and make all that in great order and priorities! With your voice or by typing.

Neat Album Sorting & Easy Tagging

Tag-a-Moment lets you tag, organizes and access photos much smarter. With a simple tap and your voice, each photo can be dedicated to a specific collection. This makes it a great creativity tool for your work and DIY projects, as well as a great memory organizer of the places you visited or moments you shared with a specific person.

Our experience with the gallery organizer app has been perfect. Mostly because it is seamlessly integrated with the iOS gallery. Take the time and organize your photos, then just add them easily with Tag-a-moment and you are sure to boost your productivity, organize better and simplify your life.

To make tag-a-moment a part of your iPhone or iPad apps collection, download it on App Store right now for free.

App Store Download Link: Tag-a-Moment

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