Super Simple and Fast Language Learning with Linguistic

Unique and effective learn language app with native speakers.

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What is Linguistic?

A language learning app for you to learn any foreign language you want by connecting and chatting with handpicked real native speakers. It’s one of the most effective learn language app for learning a foreign language super simple and fast.

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean user-friendly interface
  • Learn a foreign language with the help of real native speakers
  • Request conversations with up to five native speakers or fellow learners every week
  • Each conversation lasts for a week
  • Free to un-match with partners at any time
  • Tap on the message and press “Learn” when you don’t understand a word or phrase
  • Receive an updated report of your latest conversation proficiency
  • Compare your metrics to those of real native speakers to see your progress

Uniqueness: Medium

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Compatibility: IOS 12.0 or later

Developer: Linguistic LLC

App Store Download Link: Linguistic

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