Subway Gold Boy Runner — Run as Fast as You Can and Dodge Obstacles

A cool twist of the classic subway runner genre.

There are tons of endless running games developed for smartphone players that like to play fun and addictive games on the go while testing their fast reactions and precision. If you are looking for a endless running game where you get to run, dash, and jump in an exciting subway adventure, we looked and we found the game for you. Read and learn more about Subway Gold Boy Runner.

What is Subway Gold Boy Runner?

Subway Gold Boy Runner is a super fun and addictive endless running game that is developed for Android users. With intuitive controls, sharp graphics, cool sounds and a charming environment to play in, this game will put your skills on the test. Run, dash, and jump through the city as fast as you can while dodging the obstacles and escaping your enemies.

Why Do We Love It?

This endless running game with its exciting gameplay and variety of features will get you hooked on your first try. Your task in the game is to run as fast as possible while dodging the challenging obstacles on the way like the trains and busses to escape from your enemies.

Choose a boy runner to play with and start completing the thrilling missions. Jump in the sky to obtain diamonds, coins, and a surprise box. As you progress you will be able to collect power-ups and upgrades to help you in the missions. Longer you stay in the game, higher the scores for you. Get rewarded for your achievements in the game with free coins and many cool game prizes.

Download the game now on Google Play to run as fast as you can and dodge the obstacles!

Google Play Download Link: Subway Gold Boy Runner



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