Spodid — Travel the World and Relive Unforgettable Moments

New social app to record and share memorable experiences like meeting a Hollywood star or visiting a stunning monument.

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If you love to travel, capture and store your favorite moments to relive later or to share with others that would love to live through your experiences, there are apps that you can use to store your memorable experiences and share your best moments with others. We looked and found a social app for travelers that like to travel, capture, and share moments. Read more about it.

General Intro

Developed for IOS users, easy to use with a clean user-friendly interface, this social app allows you to make memorable experiences, travel the world and share your adventures with others. You will relive your favorite moments and allow others to live through your adventures in real time with the app. This social network is your personal, organized scrapbook for unforgettable moments.

App’s Features

Spodid offers you variety of features for documenting your travels. You can use the app to snap selfies with a landmark, monument or a start, selecting your location and writing a caption for the experience, storing all the moments in your personal profile. Search for a nearby stars, landmarks, and monuments, comment and share with others, pan around the map, zooming in and out with ease.

Filter searches on the app by time, distance, favorites, by 24 hours, or by monuments, landmarks, and stars. You can get notifications for real time moments nearby and select all the categories you want to receive notifications for in this network.

Download the app on App Store to travel the world and relive unforgettable moments!

Official Website: Spodid

App Store Download Link: Spodid

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