Solitaire — Solitaire Classic Gives You The Legendary Game With 2 Difficulty Modes and Modernized Graphics

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2 min readFeb 24, 2022

The app brings the 90s classic on mobile, but makes it more interesting with two difficulty modes, light and dark decks, all while preserving the classic solitaire controls and gameplay.

Developed for Android, and soon for IOS users, this card game is designed as the classic solitaire game but with a fresh modern look. You can both have fun playing and relax with this game as well as challenge your mind and keep it sharp. All you need to do is to pick a deck, pick a difficulty and start playing solitaire on the go, anytime and anywhere you want.

Game’s Features

Solitaire — Solitaire Classis with its features and gameplay bring you back to the good old times. Sharpen your brain playing this solitaire game and have tons of fun playing on the go. You can choose your difficulty on this game depending if you want to just relax and play or put your mind to work.

It offers you the chance to choose the deck to play with. The game is fun to play, relaxing and addictive for lovers of solitaire and card games that look for a fun way to sharpen their mind. With simple on-screen controls, you can smoothly move and drag cards. Effortlessly and with ease, shuffle, drag, and drop cards, efficiently and quickly, as well as undo moves as you want. Play this solitaire game with a fresh and modern look whenever and wherever you want and keep your mind sharp.

Download the game on Google Play and soon on the App Store to relax with solitaire and keep your mind sharp!

Google Play Download Link: Solitaire — Solitaire Classic



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