— Eat and Expand in a New Android & iOS io Battle Game

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Looking for a new io battle challenge? Today we will cover a great new addition to the niche in the name of which is a great option for you to try a new multiplayer io game.

General Introduction — is an android & iOS io battle multiplayer. Depending on the map you choose to play on, generally, you need to eat objects so you can make your circle bigger and smash your enemies, before getting smashed.

Our experience with

Generally, we loved playing this game. The reason is that it has great variety in both skins and maps to play on. In-game details and graphics are also top-notch, and there is an optimal number of players currently. This means that you can explore the maps and grow your circle bigger in a few minutes, and not get smashed in seconds by more experienced players with bigger circles.

However, note that in order to succeed, you need to show good tactical maneuvers skills, meaning you need to grow your character and make it powerful enough to win the battles. Try to outsmart your opponents, catch them off guard and smash them off the road — that’s your ultimate goal!

At the end of the day, if you are a looking for a new fun multiplayer game — is it.

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