SHiNE: Be A Light is the First Family Friendly Christian Social Network

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SHiNE — Be a Light is an app that was released recently and was already reviewed on HighTechHolic as a great new social app. With its purpose and functionality, as well as great starting success, we decided to pronounce it as the best social apps of this month. See why!

Christian-friendly, with safe content

This social media app for Christians is aimed at providing a wholesome place to meet others and enjoy all the Internet has to offer. SHiNE — Be a Light lets Christians share photos and videos. You can also find people to befriend, and groups to join. It is Christian-friendly, focusing on clean content.

Safe social media for your kids

Parents, are you tired of the arguments? Here is your answer for family friendly and safe social media for your kids. You can now easily monitor your child account activity and be sure that they are always safe.

Great Way To Find Local Communities and Churches

The Christian social network represents a great way to connect with Christian communities, groups and churches. If you follow the feed, you will also find great amount of events that you can attend near your location.

Don’t wait and connect right now with your fellow Christians by downloading this clean and safe app for free from App Store. Expect great new exciting updates with inclusion of the bible.

App Store Download Link: SHiNE — Be a Light

Website: SHiNE — Be a Light

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