SEIKK for iOS & Android is a New App of The Men’s Lifestyle Magazine for Curated and Sustainable Shopping

SEIKK, the shoppable lifestyle magazine for men with curated brands and products, recently launched its Android and iOS app.

SEIKK is an active men’s lifestyle magazine and online marketplace that lets you shop conveniently and sustainably. The goal of the apps is to make it easy for their existing and new readers to use SEIKK more intuitively. Let’s find out how you can make use of the app.

Basic Intro

SEIKK is an app that lets you read and shop the latest edition of the SEIKK men’s lifestyle magazine and online marketplace. Optimized for the latest mobile devices, the app lets you quickly get to the latest articles, and browse their curated products from trusted and emerging brands.

Read & Shop

SEIKK’s lifestyle magazine covers stories for active men on a wide range of topics. Each of these stories comes with extensive research and professional photography crafted by SEIKK staff. We browse and read several editions of the magazine and its stories. They cover tips, guides, and inspiring stories in lifestyle, sports, adventure, gear, cars, health, wellness, grooming, and more! There are tons of interesting reads that may aid your self-growth journey.

When it comes to shopping, SEIKK’s apps offer an intuitive experience. You can browse from 5000+ products and shop from 300+ brands. Each product comes with a neat product listing with photos, descriptions, and prices. And you can find tons of different categories for active gentlemen such as accessories, bicycles, boots, clothing, cycle, food & drink, footwear, furniture, grooming, hats, homeware, jackets, jeans, motorcycle, and many more!


At the end of the day, SEIKK successfully transcended its website into handy apps where you can read and shop on the go from this shoppable magazine for active gentlemen. If interested, download and try SEIKK for free on the App Store or Google Play.

App Store Download Link: SEIKK for iOS

Google Play Download Link: SEIKK for Android



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