RunAge Brings Gamification in Running

New innovative and fun way to run.

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There are tons of running apps and games available nowadays for our smartphones. If you’re looking for a tool to motivate you and help you become a better runner while you have fun at the same time, we looked and found one running game and app that offers all this in one place. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This is a combination of a running game and app developed on Android platform that is super fun to use and play with as you try to become a better runner both in the game and in real life. With this app you get to run for real, gain achievements by playing and competing and so much more. Just run as fast as possible and run as far as you can to improve your running in real life.

Combination of an App and Game

RunAge is offering variety of features to enjoy while use the app to run and the game to play. You will get to gain experience points for every run you make as well as to gain levels in the game. The faster you run, the more you run and depending how far do you get running, more XP you will gain.

With the app’s anti-cheat filters offered you get superior time and location tracking. Sign using Google Game Services, compete with others and climb the leaderboards, gaining achievements and other. Become the better runner, have fun playing and progressing in the game and compete with friends and other users to win and become the best runner.

Download it on Google Play to become a better runner, play, and compete with others!

Google Play Download Link: RunAge

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