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Endless running games are quite popular among players that like testing their skills and playing simple but challenging games on the go. Finding the right endless running game among tons of them developed it’s hard. That’s why we looked and we have for you an endless running game to put your skills on the test while you enjoy the running challenge. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This endless running game is exciting and fun, challenging your fast reactions as you try to stay on the cubes path. Developed on the Android platform, this game offers amazing graphics and sounds as well as cool characters to play with. It’s simple to play but hard to master and you need to stay focused l, running and jumping to stay on the cubes path.

Gameplay, Characters, Coins, and More

Police Run with its exciting and addictive gameplay as well as variety of features will get you hooked but also challenge your fast reactions. All you need to do is to stay on the cubes path by reacting quickly, running and tapping on the screen to jump up the thrilling cubes combination.

As you play the path is constantly changing and you need to stay focused and react fast to get your high scores. On your way you get to collect coins and those coins can be used for unlocking new characters. Try to win the highest scores and see how far you can go in the game.

Download it on Google Play to run and jump to stay on the cubes path!

Google Play Download Link: Police Run

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