RocketBot is a Reliable Crypto Wallet, Smart Social Media & Token Project Marketing Tool

The RocketBot app is powered by Merge and allows influencers, creators, businesses on social media, advertisers, and token project shillers to do giveaways, airdrops, list crypto projects, and give rewards in the forms of crypto tipping. It also allows users to exchange/buy crypto, track their portfolio, earn rewards with spin wheel games, and give tips to influencers/friends.

To start using RocketBot you need to make an account (you can sign up quickly via Google). However, to fully use the app you need to connect to Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Within the Power Up section, you can find the extended usages of the Rocket Bot. Their tutorial page is also extremely helpful.

I’m not going to focus much on their deposits and withdrawal features which are classic wallet features that many crypto wallets have. Instead, I will focus on the Games and Tips section.

Once you hover on the Games section you get 3 options AirDrops, Giveaways, and Spin Wheel. These tools can be used by advertisers to promote on social media, influencers and token project shillers. It’s the place where you track the activity too. Everything related the AirDrops and Giveaways is visible on the dedicated pages. These pages are also great for users that Hodl, and hunt new cryptos.

The giveaways, airdrops, and tipping (both sending/receiving) may seem complicated to new users and crypto beginners, but there is a great number of resources on the website and the team of Merge and RocketBot are extremely responsive to any questions.

Crypto Listings

What also makes RocketBot unique is the ability to list token projects. Meaning RocketBot is also a place where token project users can list and get engagement and distribution of their token. For that users need to fill out a form and send a request to the RocketBot team. They can do that here.

The RocketBot App

RocketBot App Screenshots

RocketBot is also available for Android & iOS. However, the app has limited features and currently only serves as RocketBot wallet and portfolio tracker for all your crypto assets on RocketBot including Merge, the blockchain and crypto coin that RocketBot is powered by.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for new ways to market your business or token project RocketBot is a must-try. It also serves as an intuitive crypto wallet and crypto portfolio tracker. I was honestly impressed by how some great features such as the crypto tipping are simply executed. The only thing that may need improvement is the Android and iOS app’s limited features. However, the web app is intuitive on any mobile web app browser, which doesn’t make the limited app features a big problem.

By Bojan Savikj



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