Redirect Phone Calls To Hangouts Calls With BuzzOut — Hangouts Dialer

With this post we would like to help users to make every call through Google HangOuts app and in that way save minutes from their plans. It also saves you the frustration and time of having to enter your country code and area code every time you dial phone as it happens in most of the dialer apps. BuzzOut is a companion app for Google Hangouts Dialer.

This app redirects the calls you made through regular phone dialer to Hangouts Dialer. This includes all the calls you sent from your Android phone’s Bluetooth. It is also compatible with your car’s Bluetooth.

This will make sure that your Hangouts call will go through no matter where or what country you are in. Use your favorite contact app with Hangouts Dialer and it will make your chatting and hanging out sessions through your Android phone much easier and fun.

Top best features include:

  • Redirect all phone calls to Hangout Dialer.
  • Automatically exclude emergency numbers.
  • Perfect for busy people who make a lot of calls every day, including international call.
  • You don’t have to worry about phone bills when you make international call

Avail today the top best-featured app just by paying $1.99 and install your copy of BuzzOut to your android device. Following are the links to download:

Google Play Download Link: BuzzOut — Hangout Dialer

In order to use BuzzOut with its exciting features you must have Google hangouts installed on your device, which is free.

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