Recruit Participants or Become a Research Participant with Conre for Android & iOS

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2 min readApr 5, 2021


The app connects researchers and users that want to participate in researches in one simple platform.

Recruiting participants as a researcher that needs to collect data can be easily done with the right tool on your phone. Becoming part of researches as a participant and even earning money for it, can also be easily done. We looked and found one tool that connects both researchers and participants in an easy manner. Read more about it.

Genera Intro

Developed on the Android and IOS platform, this easy to use and user-friendly tool connects researchers and the general public with each other. Using this app as a researcher, gives you a convenient way to find participants for your researchers and collect the data you need. Participants can use the app to help in researches and earn money for their participation.

App’s Features

This tool offers various features for both researches and participants to connect with each other in an easy and convenient manner. It offers researchers to post with ease and check their progress as well. The app helps you find diverse participants, no matter if you are doing a survey, a phone interview or in-person research. It’s all possible with a click.

No matter if you are using google forms, surveymonkey, typeforms or other survey platforms, the app is compatible with all. You get to also decide who you are paying and how much you want to pay, export data to excel, CAPTCHA system and other. Participants with this app are getting an easy way to earn some money for their participation through PayPal credits, amazon gift cards, and cash for participating in researches and you can withdraw your earning as little as 1$. The app allows you to help researchers with their research and easy some money without much effort.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store to recruit participants or join researches!

Official Website: Conre

App Store Download Link: Conre

Google Play Download Link: Conre



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