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As our Puzzle Game of the Month, today we’re presenting to you a new puzzle game that will increase your analytical thinking and relax you to the fullest. So if you want to have fun and enhance your brain activity, now is the time to download Digits Puzzles Matching Combo Star. See what the game is all about in our review below.

What is so special about the puzzle?

Developed for android users and suitable for every age to keep their brain sharp this puzzle match game is easy and simple for playing, offering all puzzle fans to relax and enjoy while pushing their brain to think harder and getting their puzzle skills on another level. The gameplay offered on the game is simple but very challenging for every puzzler that wants to become better and increase his analytical thinking. Different puzzles and different levels, harder than the one before will keep player’s attention and offer him endless fun puzzling and progressing in the game.

What are the best features of the game?

Digits Puzzles Matching Combo Star as the puzzle game with challenging matching gameplay has one simple task for players to do. Players on the game just need to match the same digits with clicking and with that they get the chance to progress and become the best puzzle digit star player on the game. With playing and solving puzzles players will push their brain and better their thinking and analytical skills while having fun and relaxing puzzling. Many different challenges with endless fun are offered and each next level is harder than the one before. Different scores are given and different number of laps is offered on every level. The number of laps is unlimited and players also get to unlock the never ending lap. For all puzzlers that use android, this game and its features will certainly keep you addicted to playing and help them become better puzzlers each time they play.

Download the game for free now on Google Play and have fun solving puzzles!

Google Play Download Link: Digits Puzzles Matching Combo Star

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