ProCalc — Business Calculator for iOS Gives You 3 Handy Calculators In 1 App

What’s Included and How to Use

select from 3 calculators at the bottom of the screen: Profit Margin Calculator, Break Even Point Calculator, and Fee Calculator. The first one determines your net profit, and profit margin, and can help you determine prices (including and excluding VAT). The Break-Even Point calculator helps you determine a Break-Even Point (units and value), as well as Break-Even Time. The third one is a fee calculator for fees and commissions from payment providers and retail marketplaces such as eBay, Paypal, and Stripe.

Real-time Changes, Information, and Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Calculation Results

To allow users to test different scenarios, ProCalc does instant and real-time calculations. Unlike, some of the calculators we used in the past, ProCalc also gives info about the meaning of the calculations and each data. This is handy if you are a beginner or simply don’t know what something means.



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