Press Release: Capella Games Launches XCube, All new Cube Puzzle Concept for iOS and Android

29 August, 2017 Miami, Florida, US — Capella Games, the Miami and Istanbul based game developer studio, launches XCube, all new cube puzzle concept for iOS and Android.

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Mixing the features of Tetris and solving Rubicks cube, XCube is an all new puzzle concept aimed to conquer all of the cube puzzle gaming fans. XCube features two game modes and are based on a 3D rotatable cube.

“We wanted to create a concept that people will see as new, but will also remind them of the classic puzzle games. We think that XCube will surely challenge anyone who is in for a new puzzle concept based on Tetris and cubes. We think we have the next generation puzzle,” stated from Capella Games.

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The first game mode requires from players to fill a 360 degree rotatable cube with the given objects. They can be filled with a horizontal or vertical line and see it destroyed. Players need to clear sides of the cube to place new shapes which are incoming unexpectedly.

“We first created the basic concept, but felt like we need to challenge the real puzzle game fans. The ones that want hard and challenging cube puzzles that will challenge their brain, so we created Rubicks Mode. Rubicks mode goes further since the shapes can block the other side of the cube,” added from the studio.

XCube features a lot of artistic elements, premium HD design, astounding graphics and different themes. There is also a global leaderboard on which players from different countries and devices can compete for the top. The game is available for free on Google Play and App Store and Cappella games inform that there will be frequent updates and new game modes.

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