Powerpose Helps You Learn and Use Power Poses in Real Life for Numerous Benefits

Power poses have long be one of the most recommended self-improvement body language techniques. In power poses, individuals stand in a posture that they mentally associate with being powerful and confident. So if you are ready to become more confident and make a positive change in your life read on. Today we cover the Powerpose app.

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Powerpose — General Introduction

This iOS app is a power pose generator and trainer tool which helps you discover and practice power poses in real life. It contains numerous power poses and neat tools to help you use them in your daily life.

Benefits of using the Powerposes App

The benefits of using a power pose app are vast. You may not be aware, but body language plays a great role in your life and how other people perceive you. By practicing these power poses you may become (or look) more confident and reliable, and less stressed and anxious.

We don’t have to mention the benefits that come with looking and acting more confident, powerful, reliable and convenient in your surroundings. So, if you are ready to embrace some of these benefits in your daily life, we suggest trying Powerpose.

The app features a large power pose selection and there is a trainer that helps you train the pose for 60 seconds. Additionally, there are beautiful graphs and visual presentation of data regarding your training.

You may try this free power pose generator and trainer app on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Powerpose

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