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Today we will preset a horoscope app. A new app that we really liked and already reviewed. The reasons for having a horoscope app are many, but there is a sea of horoscope apps out there for the IOS and Android platforms. Daily horoscopes are popular through this medium nowadays, and most people are entertained by the novelty of these vague daily horoscopes. So we went on a search for something better. We wanted to see what apps offered more than what the sea of indistinguishable apps were offering and discovered Pocket Horoscope.

What is Pocket Horoscope?

This is an Android horoscope app that provides its users with accurate and astrology-based daily horoscope readings. Thanks to its developer, Corey Wytinck, now we all have the chance to read daily horoscopes which are updated by certified and experienced astrology experts.

Standout Features

Pocket Horoscope contains tons of incredible and easy-to-use features, well organized in multiple sections: Single Love, Double Love, Daily, Finance and Work. If you want to read your daily horoscope, just tap on your horoscope sign and read on. If you want to know which days of the month are the best for you to do a specific activity, like what day is the best for you to start a business, to have your first love or your working boom, tap on the preferred section and let the app help you determine your daily tasks.

Read complete astrological predictions everyday as they are updated every day, download Pocket Horoscope for free from Google Play now!

Google Play Download Link: Pocket Horoscope

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