Planet Dissolver is a Fun & Simple Reaction & Awareness Trainer for Android

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Awareness & reaction speed are crucial for gamers. However, fast reflexes and reaction training is helpful to remain as sharp as you age. For training your reaction speed, there are numerous games on Google Play, and Planet Dissolver is one of the simplest new ones that enable fun reaction training.

General Introduction

Planet Dissolver is a simple reaction trainer for Android in which you need to tap planets to dissolve them. The planets grow fast, and the game requires you to dissolve them before they collide.

Global Leaderboards

The bigger the planets, the more points they bring you. However, as you let them grow bigger, there is a risk for them to collide, so you need to show a fast reaction and great awareness about all planets on the screen.

Besides the motivation to improve your high score, you can also compete on the global leaderboards. Just register within the app and always aim to improve your score.

At the end of the day, this simple game is great for you in various ways. Not only it keeps your reflexes and focus sharp for daily living, but it is also a great tool to improve your reaction and skills for various fast reaction & awareness demanding games like Dota or the popular fps games.

If you are interested in testing and improving your reaction, you can get Planet Dissolver for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Planet Dissolver

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