Personal Guide to Meditation and Well Being with Harmony Mindfulness

With great guided mediation for well-being, unique Illustrations and clear descriptions to help you develop calm, relaxation and happiness, Harmony Mindfulness Mediation is one of our new favorite meditation apps.

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What is Harmony Mindfulness?

A meditation app for learning how to meditate, ease stress, relax and grow well-being. What makes it special is that there are various tips and mediation techniques that will help you in your day-to-day meditation. As well as the great price for yearly subscription (just $50 yearly).

How it Will Help You:

  • Learn how to meditate, breathe and grow well-being in just 5 to 10 minutes
  • Unique mindfulness techniques and courses
  • Daily mindfulness tips
  • Brand new sleep stories
  • 100+ of meditations covering plenty of situations
  • Entire library of nature sounds to ease stress, meditate and relax

Uniqueness: Medium

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: High


Average rating: 5.0

Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later

Official Website: Harmony Mindfulness

App Store Download Link: Harmony Mindfulness

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