Nine Worlds — A Vikings Saga is An Epic, Ultra-Fun Platform Adventure Game

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Last month we introduced Nine Worlds — A Viking saga as part of our game review section. We knew that we need to give it another appraisal since it was a game that offered amazing entertainment on our Android devices. Here it is again, a well-deserved mention as Adventure Game of the Month — it is one of the best adventure games that you can find currently on the Android platform.

What is Nine Worlds — A Viking saga?

Nine Worlds — A Viking saga is an adventure platform game of epic proportions, created with an exciting Viking lore and challenging gameplay. This game is designed with wonderful HD graphics, fun characters and tons of exciting features that will enhance your gaming experience.

How to Play?

Your main quest in this Viking saga is to jump, chop, spin and stab to defeat monsters, gods and different enemies to avoid traps and collect coins, gems and other valuable items. Everything you do is to save the nine worlds from what or who is corrupting them. Your journey start on a ship that’s going home from a successful Viking raid, when suddenly it gets caught in a terrible storm. The ship starts sinking, taking your brothers and all the treasure with it. You are the only survivor who has to help the mysterious fairy Ozma bring balance back to the nine worlds. Don’t forget to complete other side quests, to win achievements and rewards, and to get new powerful weapons and skills!

Have a blast while playing through all the levels and experiencing this original and exciting story, download Nine Worlds — A Viking saga for free from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Nine Worlds — A Viking saga

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