Neon Hook is a Climbing Retro Arcade That Will Challenge Your Performance Under Pressure

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Retro pixelated arcade games are maybe abundant on Google Play, especially since the huge global hit Flappy Bird. However, many of them are of poor quality. That’s why today we will cover one of the very best new retro arcades in the name of Neon Hook.

What is Neon Hook?

Neon Hook is an Android procedurally-generated, arcade-like pixel art game where you need to climb with a hook in the skies to escape a black hole swallowing the city beneath.

Why you’ll love it?

The gameplay and controls are truly fun and the whole ambience and graphics are captivating from the very start. The zig zag climbing starts on the buildings and then transcends to various objects in the sky.

While the game starts easy, you will have hard time navigating through the constantly increasing obstacles and objects coming at you. You need to showcase fast reaction, problem-solving and predict the movements in order to achieve high scores.

All your scores are registered and you are competing for a place on the leaderboard. Additionally, there are other characters which you can try. And with the outrun — cyberpunk inspired world and the Synthwave tunes, you will surely enjoy the game even more. Try it for free on Google Play!

Google Play Download Link: Neon Hook


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