Mousiki is a Sleek Floating YouTube Video & Music Player for Android

The app plays youtube videos and allows for a multitasking experience without interrupting the music/video streaming.

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If you want to listen to music videos on YouTube while working on other apps on your phone, without any interruptions or popup ads then you only need the right floating music player to make this all possible. To make the search easier for you, we looked and discovered a great hassle free and handy floating music player for streaming YouTube music videos.

Basic Introduction

This is a handy floating YouTube player for a hassle free multitasking music listening experience, simple to use and with easy streaming. Mousiki is developed on the Android platform and gives users access to all the YouTube videos without any popup ads. With this app you can discover music, play music and create playlists, browse daily Top Charts and more without any interruptions.

Playlists, Smart Search, Customization, and More

Variety of features are available on Mousiki and this app offers you the chance to enhance your music streaming experience. The app allows you to schedule your listening experience and add videos to your current listening queue. Explore variety of genres and create playlists, playing the videos in full screen or conveniently while multitasking on your phone. The size of the floating popup can be customized as you like and you can move it around the screen.

The app’s smart search gives you suggestions and you will be able to access music in a click dedicated tabs with content you recently watched and liked. With simple one touch and drag and drop gestures you can manage music. Type the song info name to search for songs easily. Without ads or interruptions, easily stream music with this streaming app for YouTube.

Download it on Google Play to access and stream all YouTube videos without any popup ads!

Google Play Download Link: Mousiki

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