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2 min readDec 30, 2021


This iOS app (supports Apple Watch too) offers a customizable approach to daily affirmations and motivation.

For people that need extra boost of motivation and inspiration on a daily basis or they just want to nurture their inner motivation, there are apps for you to do that. We looked and we found one app that offers exclusive affirmation audios, quotes, and videos for you to get inspired and motivated. Read more about it.

General Intro

Developed for the IOS platform, this lifestyle app is backed by scientific research, to get you motivated and inspired daily with quotes, affirmation audios, and videos. Keep, nurture, and maintain your real inner motivation with the help of the app. The daily affirmations are carefully curated and selected, giving you access to thousands of life experiences from the greatest people in the world.

App’s Features

This affirmation app can change your life for the better with the variety of features and content it offers. You can listen to affirmation audios and watch motivational videos for at least 21 days. Pick your favorite topics and even add favorite quotes and videos to your favorite collection.

Set daily reminder for quotes and revisit your favorite ones when you wake up and before going to bed. To get different perspective, you can share and discuss your favorite quotes and videos with other people. On this app there are thousands of topics, audios, and hundreds of motivational videos.

View quotes and videos on home screen with regularly weekly updated content or view quotes on dedicated screen to avoid distraction. You can even customize the theme for quote screen. With the app you can set daily quote reminders, auto-play motivational videos in a favorite playlist, add to your favorite categories. View quotes on your Apple Watch too with the app.

Download the app on App Store to get inspired and motivated with daily affirmation audios and videos!

Official Website: Motivational Land

App Store Download Link: Motivational Land



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