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Decorating and furnishing our home can be quite confusing if you don’t have the tool you need to visualize the ideas you have before you start the real work. iCanDesign is the most incredible intuitive interior design app which allows you to visualize your interior design ideas in 3D, inspiring you how to enrich your home and allowing you to share the vision you have with others. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our Most Useful App of the Week.

What is iCanDesign?

Developed for Android and iOS users that like to decorate their homes and furnish their houses or apartments, this intuitive home design planner offers you the chance to easily and effortlessly visualize your interior design ideas, changing anything in the picture you like and sharing your vision with others as well. The room planner offers you predesigned layouts for rooms like your bedroom, bathroom, living room and more to inspire you. Enrich your habitation with the furniture from world famous brands and get a better idea of what your home with look like.

iCanDesign Highlights

Visualize easily your own home design ideas with the help of this app and the features offered on it. Choose interior design items from the IKEA’s comprehensive catalogue of products, furnishing your home the way you always wanted, seeing how everything will look like in 3D, as easy as in a game. In the picture, anything can be changed, from the colors of the walls to the furniture layouts. Your interior design vision can also be shared with your constructor, partner or flatmate. Also, the app works online and offline so you can use it any time you have an idea

As a user, you can choose to start the design from an empty room or from one of the existing handcrafted projects made by the industry professionals. Furniture and decoration can be changed and also you can add new items from IKEA or other brands, observing the room from different points and creating photorealistic snapshots. For rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, living rooms, baby rooms, kids’ rooms and other rooms the app offers many design themes to choose from. The app is offering you additional features like ready-made designs, full furniture catalogue with 5000 products, 3ds Max export, unlimited number of rooms and photorealistic HD renders through an auto-renewable subscription for a week, month or year on the app.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to decorate and furnish your home to enrich your habitation!

Official Website: iCanDesign

App Store Download Link: iCanDesign

Google Play Download Link: iCanDesign

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