Medicine Reminder is an Advanced Pill Reminder & Tracker

A new iOS & Android app offers great solution for organizing and tracking of pills, injections, syrups and inhalers.

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There are plenty of tips and tricks to help remember your medications, but perhaps the most helpful are downloadable apps that provide daily prescription reminders via your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. These apps help to automate and track doses, so you’re less likely to miss a pill. That’s why we are presenting you Medicine Reminder, a simple and convenient pill tracker and reminder.

Basic Introduction

This pill tracker is designed to get reminders on time every time you need to take your pills and to keep track of the medicine doses you have left in the bottle. Medicine Reminder is developed on both Android and IOS platform and its super easy to use and very practical tool that will give you instant push notifications on your phone for all medications you add within the app.

Notifications, Reminders and More

Add all your medications within the app so you can organize yourself better and track each medicine. All you need to do is to select the type of medicine you use and want to get reminders for as well as the amount of the dose and set your alarms for the different times of dosage. You can choose between options for an injection, pill, syrup or an inhaler and set the type of medicine with a tap. New medicines can be added and you can set reminders, even adding pictures of the medication or its container.

The app tracks your pills by your actions so you can tap to mark them as taken or skip and the app will calculate the remaining pills or doses. The total dose amount of the container can be entered too with the times you need to take that medicine. Get notified on time when you need to take the medicine and notifications will come with the relevant information for each pill in the notification bar. Easily keep track of the medicine you take, your family or pets take so you don’t forget the type of the dose of medicine each of you should take on time.f the medicine you take!

Download it on Google Play and App Store to never forget to take your medication on time!

Official Website: Medicine Reminder

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