Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games — A Thrilling Puzzle For All Ages

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Marble is a sub-genre of match-3 puzzle with simple yet addictive gameplay. Player shoots a ball to other balls in order to form a match-3 line. We love a big free-roam game with superb graphics as much as the next gamer but I have to admit we had a serious weakness for ‘Zuma’ in the past and pretty much anything that has similar gameplay. We’ve played the Flash version, the original, ‘Zuma Blitz’, ‘Zuma’s Revenge’… Basically if they’ve made it, we’ve played it. The other daywe went looking for similar games, we’ve got to keep our skills sharp after all. This is our findings — an awesome game like ‘Zuma’ that you once played. You’re welcome.

What is Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games?

We’re so excited to share with you this cool marble puzzle game called Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games. Developed for Android devices (both phones and tablets) this marble shooter is perfect for kids and adults. We loved its overall user interface — the graphics are stunning, the sound effects engaging, and its controls — 100% intuitive. Now let’s talk more about the gameplay.

How to Play?

Marble Puzzle’s gamplay is pretty simple to play, but do not fool yourself — it’s hard to master. The main objective is to shoot marbles of the same color and blast them to earn points. Aim and try to be as precise as possible, be quick with your fingers in order to blast all the marbles before they reach the hole at the end — or else you’ll lose. Shoot at least 2 of the same colored marbles, collect rewards, make higher scores and unlock new levels. There are more than 150 challenging levels featured in this game, powerful boosters for you to create marble chains and combos, a leaderboard to compete with other players, etc.

Shoot the marbles, complete missions and have fun with this incredible marble quest. Get the game for free from the following Google Play link and enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games

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