Love Protectors is a Self Care Spiritual Game for Self Realization and Growth


What is Love Protectors?

A convenient spiritual life improvement game for you to improve and restore your mental and emotional well-being. It’s one of the best health apps to take better care of your well-being and turn every problem in life into a positive life solution.

Standout Features:

  • Improve and restore your mental and emotional well-being
  • Turn life problems into positive life solutions
  • No time limit, no rush
  • Select from the 5 life principles to fix an issue
  • Get a solution and reflect
  • Each solution comes with a devotion from the Bible
  • Think a step ahead by remembering the unique letters in each Life Principle
  • Find your Zen by looking at the remaining letters
  • Select and fix more issues to become an expert
  • Free for download


Uniqueness: High

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later

Requires: Android 7.0 and up

Developer: Liontech Studios

Google Play Download Link: Love Protectors

App Store Download Link: Love Protectors



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