lockIO Adds Extra Layer of Security and Block Powering Off Process with Password

The app lock is perhaps the most rudimentary of security apps. The way it works is that it will lock up your other apps from prying eyes. That way you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your personal information in your device. But which one is worth downloading? We’ve scouted the Play Store and discovered one amazingly versatile and unique security tool called lockIO. This app is our Tool of the Month for a reason, so keep reading and see why!

What is this app exactly?

This tool for phone protection is highly helpful way for users to protect their phones increasing the security of their device with blocking files, apps and most importantly to deal easily with phone theft and turning off their phone. With the app’s help users can turn off the phone and secure it the powering off with a simple password that only the user can turn it off. Using this app will certainly help the user to get the phone’s security on the next level and keep his phone totally protected and safe always.

Why do we love this app?

Using lockIO users are offered one helpful and easy to use simple interface that helps users to hide any media and files from intruders with blocking the access to those files without much effort. On the app, users can block the powering off and restart the complete phone’s process using a password to access the files that the user is hiding. Using the app, users can easily hide important files no matter if they are audio, video, or photo files and keep it the Audio, Video and Photo Vault of the app. Users on the app can choose from using a scalable pattern to block access or just a PIN, or even using an alphanumeric pad depending on their preference. The app is also offering fingerprint option, setting a time period for keeping the phone lockless and low memory size.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: lockIO

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