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Creating memories of the experiences and adventures you had during travels nowadays can be easily done with the right app on your phone. If you want to capture your adventures and make photo memories of your travels, there are apps that offer this to you. We found a social travel diary app for these purposes. Read more about it.

General Intro

Developed for Android and IOS users, this social travel diary app is offering you a great way to make your travel experiences memorable. Using the app, you get to post photos with photo locations and view them on a photo map, making photo memories of your travels. Capture your travels to reminisce about the adventures you had whenever you want with this travel app.

App’s Features

The app’s features will help you make all your travel adventures memorable. Add a geo picture on your profile to create a post using a precise geotag photos with a current location or add a photo location manually. You can tag your travel buddies on the photos you post and even add descriptions to the memories, delete and edit photo memories as you like and get notifications for posts of other travelers.

The intuitive map on the app allows you to explore effortlessly with a location search or a swipe. To see your photos on the map you can zoom in and out. Use the GPS camera to upload photos and add details in this travel app. Meet new friends in the community and connect with your travel buddies. Like, comment, and share posts you like from other travelers on the app.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store to make every travel experience memorable!

App Store Download Link: LiveMySteps

Google Play Download Link: LiveMySteps

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