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Mobile technology is an amazing thing. It’s one of the most revolutionary productivity tools of all time, but it doesn’t end there. You can use your smartphones and tablets to help teach yourself new skills and learn new things. In this context today we will talk about self-empowering and self-enriching learning app called Knowsome

Knowsome General Intro

Knowsome is a free learning app created and guided by AI as a virtual assistant. With this app, you can find new ways to educate yourself about India or about any other subjects you’re most interested in your life.

Learning Categories

Expect to gain some self-enriching knowledge about topics that include every subject under the sky, including science general knowledge (GK), geography GK, latest GK, World GK and much, much more. AI-powered learning journeys use personalization to increase your retention rate, long-term memory, and understanding of any subject. You can also search any person or topic of interest using the search feature.

The learning app’s AI technology personalizes your learning path, based on your learning behavior, learning style, and preferences.

For more effective learning, Knowsome also features quiz questions to answer and test your knowledge.

What’s also great about this learning app is that it can help you to turn your social media addictions into fun and productive learning time with its in-built tools.

So if you want to learn smart and effectively, and grow daily, try the app for free from the links bellow.

Google Play Download Link: Knowsome — General Knowledge

Official Web:

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