Incident Assistant Plus is a Great Personal Safety Tool

The iOS & Android app sends alerts to your selected contacts and calls the emergency number in case of incidents & safety concerns.

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Personal safety apps can be of great use. Using GPS, SMS, video, alerts, alarms, and a variety of other features, these apps aim to keep you safe. Whether you’re going on a blind date, on a run, to a late movie, or just taking a sketchy cab, it’s worthwhile to have one of these apps on your phone, even if just for peace of mind. We discovered Incident Assistant plus for that purpose. Learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This accident help and personal safety app is developed for Android users and soon for IOS users as well as the advanced and efficient tool to increase your personal safety inside your home and outside as well. Use the emergency panic switch to send alerts to contacts using messages, descriptions, and videos. Press the panic button and alert immediately trusted people that you are in danger.

Accident Help and Personal Safety

Select contacts you trust the most in case you need to press the panic switch alarm and when you do, your smartphone will produce a really loud siren to repel any attacker and the video of the incident along with your location will be sent to your chosen contact. Call the police if needed, with just a press of a button and send them all the information they need to come to rescue you.

Within the app you can mark any location you find dangerous, describe the emergency and inform others about any suspicious people or activities in that location. This enables you to reduce anxiety and fear of possibly dangerous people and situations to feel safe anytime and anywhere.

Download it on Google Play and App Store to send alerts to contacts in case of emergencies!

Google Play Download Link: Incident Assistant Plus

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