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2 min readNov 29, 2022

For this month’s app of the month, we have an anti-stress app that will help you track stress, moods, and offer diary and meditation to ease stress. Read more about Stress Buoy.

Self-help can be a big asset, and luckily, there are great apps to help you manage your stress and anxiety daily. If you are looking for an app that can guide you on a journey to mindfulness, learn how to be happy and healthy, and learn how to cope with stress better. We looked and we found an app that you need to try out. Read more about the app.

Basic Intro

This is a stress and joy tracking app to say goodbye to stress and say hello to joy. It’s developed for Android and IOS users, offering tailored programs to help you stay fit, be mindful, journal, take breaks, and slip into dreams easily with dreamtime stories. Start your journey to a joyful life and learn how to be happy and healthy with this app.

Features of the App

Stress Buoy with its free and premium features can guide you on your journey to a joyful life. Track your daily stresses and process it all by listening mindfulness sessions. There are dreamtime stories to listen to and start sleeping better. You can set daily walk goals or track your workouts from the 100 popular workouts available to stay fit too. Basic insights are available for you to keep track of your journey to becoming healthier. The premium version of the app offers exclusive programs, the option for you to journal and track the highlights of your day as well as advanced insights to help you uncover the hidden stress patterns in your life. With the premium version, you get to unlock all the mindfulness and dreamtime stories available. Learn how to wake up happy, process stress better, stay fit, uplift your day, motivate yourself, and power down, in one place with this app.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store to learn to destress and lead a joyful life!

App Store Download Link: Stress Buoy

Google Play Download Link: Stress Buoy



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