Have Fun with the Super-Challenging Real Mosquitoes for Android

If you’re searching for ways to waste a little time we’ve found a great casual game for Android worth playing in 2020. Fun game you can play to pass the time while sitting on the subway, bored at work, or you just want to unwind after a busy week. We are talking about Real Mosquitoes for Android.

What is Real Mosquitoes?

It is an android mosquitoes tap game in which you need to destroy as many mosquitoes as possible before losing all your lives. The game brings realistic mosquitoes right on your screen and with exquisite graphics and sound effects, it gets you extremely engaged.

Powerups & combos

You kill one mosquito with a precise tap on it. Try to kill as many mosquitoes as possible in a row to create a combo. These combos release a special item, which when collected can kill multiple mosquitoes and get you more points. Additionally, when you kill more than 2 mosquitoes at once, there is an electrical effect that will kill all the mosquitoes that are on the screen.

At the end of the day, Real Mosquitoes is a fast-paced and exciting tap arcade game for Android. It has the factor where you want to play it more and more, and improve your highest score. There are global rankings where you can also compete with other players. Try the mosquito smashing game for free.

Google Play Download Link: Real Mosquitoes



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