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If you like playing games on the go on your smartphone and to spend hours testing your skills, there are many games available for you. However, if you like a word game that will test your mind while you have fun guessing words and even competing against others, we have the multiplayer word game that you need to try. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This multiplayer word game is super fun to play, exciting and yet challenging enough to put your word knowledge and fast thinking on the test. Developed on the IOS platform, the game gives you the chance to challenge your loved ones to enter the trivia competition. Try to guess the words and decipher the phrases before your time runs out to win this hilarious word trivia game.

Gameplay, Cards, and More

Guess the Gibberish has to offer one simple yet challenging gameplay that will test your trivia skills each time you play. The game offers cards of different colors with special hints for any of the 4 categories the hidden phrase belongs too. Your task is to guess the phrase before you run out of time. The first team that guesses correctly all 15 cards wins the trivia.

In the game you are offered 5 decks with more than 500 cards and hundreds of popular phrases are available for deciphering. You can choose to play online or in person with your family and friends, showing off your different accents and enjoying the fun time you spend with your loved ones, guessing words and competing in the hilarious trivia game.

Download it on App Store to have fun with your loved ones in a hilarious trivia!

App Store Download Link: Guess the Gibberish

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