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Are you interesting in growing cannabis at home? Then the app we will cover today may be of great use. We are talking about the critically acclaimed and one of the most downloaded plant grower tools — Jane.

Basic Intro

At its core, Jane is an iOS and Android cannabis growing tool. It allows for simple cannabis growing with tools like tracking, log, picture taking and comparison and more. It’s one of the best rated tools for cannabis growing with tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Why you’ll love it

The app tends to follow in every step of successfully growing your cannabis plant. This means that it will provide you with tools from seed to harvest. Its intuitive logger allows you to log and track the development of the plant. The in-built reminder will remind you to water the plant, and the photo vault will allow you to keep and secure photos from the growing process.

You may create as many plant environments as you want and track and manage them all in your account. Many call this a must-have for cannabis growing enthusiasts, and for a reason. The app is intuitive, well-executed and highly practical. If you plan to grow a cannabis plant, try Jane for free from the links below.

App Store Download Link: Jane

Google Play Download Link: Jane

Website: Jane

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