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With 85.5 million monthly unique Facebok mobile app users, it’s no surprise social apps are so popular. We want our updates and we want them now! And social networking apps let you do it all on the go. Facebook and Twitter are, of course, most popular social networks, and you’ve probably already downloaded them. But make room for one more. One we discovered very useful and fun to use, meet WhoReact!

A little bit for everyone!

WhoReact is an app developed primarily to promote location based community communication. With it’s unique location feature WhoReact connects you to your surrounding by your zip or post code and makes it easier to get informed about things happening around you or simply to meet and stay in touch with people in the same area. Other than that you can communicate with users all around the world. Family, friends, or maybe you want to connect with people form the same ethnic group as you, you can do it all in WhoReact. This app makes communicating, sharing thoughts, photos, and staying informed so easy! It even offers dating option, so you can find out who is single and available in your nearest area.

Why do we chose it?

WhoReact is a breath of fresh air in the ever-growing sea of social networking apps! The interface is user friendly, the design minimalistic and easy on the eyes, simple and yet elegant. Packed with features, everyone can find aspects of the app that can be useful or enjoyable to them. No matter if you are at home, visiting relatives, or traveling to unfamiliar places, you’ll be able to connect and stay informed about what is going on around you in your current location, by turning on the location function anywhere and anytime!

Find WhoReact at Google Play Store, download it and connect with the world!

Google Play Download Link: WhoReact

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