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If you are lover of bubble shooting and popping casual puzzle games, and you always waiting to see more challenging and exciting games of the same kind then look no further. The wait time is over as we researched a best bubble shooter game for you that is, Panda Bubble Shoot Pet that will give you for what you waited for.

What is Panda Bubble Shoot Pet?

Behind the Panda Bubble Shoot Pet, there is a captivating storyline — the cute little Pandas are, taken from their Panda friend by the evil that trapped them inside bubbles. Therefore, your goal is to save the cute little pandas from the evil and return them to their mother. Beat him by matching and popping the bubbles on your screen — match at least three bubbles with the same color in order to pop them and to win the level.

The game features more than 100 challenging levels and new ones are, added every week. You can also use blaze boosters when you are in need of a help to make epic explosions and pop multiple bubbles at once. The game is, crafted to give you eye-catching graphics. The game brings you two modes of game play a classic mode, where you try to clear levels and the endless shooter game where you have to shoot endlessly and score as higher as you can

To make most out of your fun time do install Panda Bubble Shoot Pet for your android device. The game is just one click away just click the link below and free the innocent pandas.

Google Play Download Link: Panda Bubble Shoot Pet

Google Play Download Link: Panda Bubble Shoot Pet

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