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Tons of word games are available for all of you that like to discover hidden words and improve your vocabulary while having fun playing and solving the word puzzles. The popularity of these games makes it hard for you to choose the most fun and challenging word brain game that will put your word skills on the test. Luckily for you, we looked and we discovered an incredibly fun and challenging word brain game to improve your vocabulary.

What is Word Search Free about?

Word Search Free is fun to play word game available in 4 languages where the goal is for you to find all the hidden words horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in the grid. This word brain game is developed for Android users that like to have fun playing while improving their vocabulary. With this vocabulary builder, you get the chance to train your brain by searching for hidden words. Find words, select them and remove them from the list. Test your word skills and prove yourself as a word genius.

Why do we like this word game so much?

Train your brain and vocabulary with this word game that will help you to improve your vocabulary and learn new words. From extremely to extremely difficult, this game offers 8 different difficulty levels to test your skills. Countless possibilities and therefore always different playing fields are available for the player. With its colorful and modern design of a crossword puzzle, this game will get you addicted to playing on your first try. As a player, you can choose to play with or without a timer.

Find hidden words and solve the crossword puzzle, connecting letter to discover the word and remove it from the list. Various labeling options and best lists are available for you. Challenge yourself and complete the levels to get as high scores as possible. Check the game’s achievements and leader-boards to see how you rank among another player. Use free hints to reveal the first letter of the next word when you are stuck and also you can try and earn some more hints.

Download the game for free on Google Play to find the hidden words and improve your vocabulary!

Google Play Download Link: Word Search Free

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